Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8: Battle Mode Sticking Around But…

When Nintendo first announce that the Mario Kart 8 will come with a new Battle Mode, they and couldn’t wait to try it out but the new Battle Mode ended up being a huge disappointment.

The whole system wasn’t well thought out and fans just were not impress with the Battle Mode. New rumors are now saying that Nintendo is looking to offer the Mario Kart 8 on their upcoming Nintendo Switch console and that the game will still game with the Battle Mode.

However, according to Emily Rodgers, the game will come with an all-new Battle Mode along with some other upgrades like new tracks, characters, DLC and more.

Fans were already speculating about Mario Kart making it to the new console because the game was seen in one of the Nintendo Switch trailers but Nintendo has never confirmed or denied it.

Rodgers are reported that the game will arrive withing the first three months of the Nintendo Switch. Protection Status