Nintendo Switch: Capcom Jumps On Board

A lot fo developers have already shown their support for the new hybrid console from Nintendo called the Nintendo Switch and the latest to jump on board is Capcom.

When talking about the new Nintendo Switch hardware, they said that it is excellent to see a new hardware launched and that they are working to develop games that will be suitable for the hardware and also the target audience.

They go on to say that developing games for the new Nintendo Switch is going to be very different from developing games for PS4 and the Xbox One and that they will work to ensure that they bring enjoyment to their games with the maximum potential.

The fact that the new Nintendo Switch is both a console and a handheld is going to benefit Capcom since they have been working on games for the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS and this would allow them to make a smooth transition from the older handheld. We are expecting Monster Hunter to be one of the first to make its way to the Nintendo Switch. Protection Status