Nintendo Switch Boasts Impressive Battery Life

The unique part about the Nintendo Switch console is that players can choose to use it as a console or as a handheld device. While the console will be getting its power from a power outlet, the handheld model will have to rely on the battery pack. So how long with the Nintendo Switch last without the power cord?

According to NateDrake a Youtuber, the upcoming Nintendo Switch will come with a battery pack that will be large enough to provide the Nintendo Switch with 5 to 8 hours of running time.

It is reported that the first few devkit that Nintendo offered the developers only had 3 hours of life but Nintendo have been working to increase that. 5 to 8 is good enough for a handheld device like the Nintendo Switch.

The new Nintendo Switch will be release in March next year. More details should be reveal as we get closer to the announcement date.

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