Nintendo NX Won’t Match PS4 In Power But It’s Ok

Although we have been hearing about the Nintendo NX for some time now, nobody really knows that the device is really all about but according to MCV, the new Nintendo NX could be targeting the smartphone users. If that is the case, the Nintendo NX will most likely not be as powerful as the Playstation 4.

Although we were hoping that Nintendo would release something more powerful to compete with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 we are not going to be made if the NX ends up being a handheld. From what we have heard, the Nintendo NX could possibly be a hybrid that can go from being a handheld and console.

If that is the case, it would be a surprise if the hardware specs of the NX match the PS4.

MCV also revealed that three popular franchise will join the NX withing months of its release. He reported that The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon and Mario will all have an NX title ready withing six months of its release.

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