Nintendo NX: The Silence Is Worrying

We have not heard much from Nintendo regarding their upcoming new Nintendo NX console. All we know now are some of the games that will be available on the new console and that the new Nintendo NX will be releasing in March next year.

That means we are just six months away from the release of the device and still no news on what the Nintendo NX is all about and some people are beginning to speculate that Nintendo might not be able to make the March dateline.

The PS4 needed about 10months to get from the announcement to the release while the Xbox One needed about 7 months. Nintendo took close to a year to release their Wii U after they announce it.

However, others think that this is just the way these companies like to do things now. We know that the game Fallout 4 was released just five months after it was announced and that seems to have worked out for them as the fans were still pretty hyped up for it.

Maybe Nintendo is looking to do the same as well?

Steven Estevez

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