Nintendo NX: The Never Ending Wait

Talks about the upcoming new Nintendo console called the Nintendo NX have been going on for some time now but so far, all we got was that it might be using cartridges instead of CD and that it might be a hybrid.

You would think that with so many speculations, we would have more details about the console but it feels like Nintendo really want to keep it under the lid until they are ready to announce it.

While the Wii U was a letdown, fans are actually excited to see if Nintendo would be able to come back with the Nintendo NX. It will be the end for Nintendo if the console fails to impress the fans when it is released so we can see why Nintendo wants to make sure nothing leaks out before the reveal.

Them releasing more detail would only lead to the fans having a high expectation for the console and it would not do them any good if they fail to deliver.

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