Nintendo NX: “Really Great”, Should Sony & Microsoft Start Worrying?

Although we have heard of the upcoming new Nintendo NX console more than a few times, the fact is that nobody really knows what the console is all about. Most of the details we have now are rumors and speculations only.

To make sure there will be games for the console when Nintendo finally releases it, Nintendo has been reaching out to developers and one of the developers is Ubisoft. According to Ubisoft, the new Nintendo NX console is “really great” and they think it will be able to draw in casual gamers. So far, Ubisoft has already confirm that Just Dance will be released on the NX console.

Nintendo consoles are not doing so well right now so they really need the NX to work. The new Nintendo NX console will onl be arriving in March 2017. Hopefully, we will receive more details about the console before that.

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