Nintendo NX: Can’t Hold It Back For Much Longer

We know that Nintendo has been trying their hardest to keep the Nintendo NX details away from the public. They might be able to control what they let out but they can’t control what the other retailers are leaking out.

Thanks to Tesco, we now know how much the upcoming Nintendo NX will cost when it arrives next year. The pre-order page for the Nintendo NX was uploaded online by Tesco but was soon taken down but the damaged has already been done.

According to the page, the Nintendo NX will retail for £349.99 in the UK which is equivalent to $450. We do not know if this is real or not but some fans were a little surprised by the price tag.

It is clear that Nintendo is looking to compete with Sony and Microsoft and we are not sure if releasing the NX around the PS4 price tag is going to them any good.

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