Nintendo May Be Planning 3DS/Smartphone Connection

Nintendo has been giving small hints about plans concerning connections between their 3DS and smartphones and this officially released trademark ID pic from the Japan Patent Office proves that these hints may eventually be true.

The pic clearly states that the patent enables Nintendo in “providing information and communication by electronic bulletin board” which, in simpler words, means connection between to electronic devices. Take a look yourself at the patent below. (via Dualshockers)

[Trademark ID 2014-36705]
Trademark: [image]
Applicant: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Filing Date: May 9, 2014
Publishing Date: June 5th, 2014
Class: 9 (home video game machine program, etc.), 38 (providing information and communication by electronic bulletin board), 41 (mobile games)

Although the main purpose of this patent is still unannounced but we may see Nintendo bringing up this news during their “Digital Briefing” on Tuesday 9 a.m. PT. Protection Status