Nintendo Hands Mario Over To Ubisoft

There have been a lot of talks about some of the games that the upcoming Nintendo Switch will be coming in with and one of the games that is rumored right now is a new Mario and Rabbids RPG game that will be developed by Ubisoft.

We know how sensitive Nintendo are when it comes to their games especially Mario so it is a surprise that Nintendo trust Ubisoft enough to let them develop it. According to Laura Dale, the new game will be a turn-based RPG game and that the story will be about the Mushroom Kingdom getting invaded by Rabbids.

It is believed that Nintendo trusted Ubisoft because they are one of the very few publishers that stood by Nintendo even when things got really bad with Wii U. Publishers like EA and Activision just stop offering games on Wii U but Ubisoft still came out with Rayman Legends and ZombiU for their console.

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