Next-Gen Toyota 86 Risks Being A Snooze Fest

Despite all its flaws, the Toyota 86 still has their fans and for those that were hoping that Toyota will not give up on it just yet, well, your dreams has just come true.

Toyota announced that they will not be giving up on the Toyota 86 and made it clear that the second-gen 86 is currently being developed. As nice as that sounds, the biggest question now is whether the vehicle will come with an upgraded engine or not.

While Karl Schlicht, the head of Toyota Europe hinted that the Toyota 86 could be powered by a Subaru engine, he did not mention if they plan to offer the 86 a more powerful engine or not.

The Toyota 86 was never seen as a weak model but they have the weight of the car to thank and not the engine. What other upgrades are you hoping to see on the 86?


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