Next Gen Pixel Chromebook Not On The Table

Fans of the Pixel Chromebook have been waiting for Google to announce the new Pixel Chromebook but according to Google, fans can forget about seeing it this year or in the next few years.

Google told TechCrunch that they currently are no Pixel Chromebook to discuss which means they are probably not working on one right now. Of course, although we will not be getting Chromebook from Google, partners like Asus, Acer, Samsung, and HP will still offer their models so it is not the end for Chromebook users. We are not sure if the consumers are even going to miss it. The huge price tag was a problem for many fo their fans and many of them felt like Google was pushing it too far especially when the other Chromebook were going for way less. The Pixel Chromebook retailed for $1299.

It is believed that Google wants to focus on making their next Pixel smartphone and the Pixel C tablet hybrid for now. Protection Status