Next-Gen Mazda 3 Could Revive Hot Hatch

We are pretty sure that Mazda has no plans to offer the MazdSpeed option for the current line but that does not mean that it is the end for the performance sedan.

It is said that Mazda put the development of the MPS and Mazdaspeed on hold as they focus on created the new SyActiv engines for the next gen models but once Mazda is done with those engines, it is believed that Mazda might start working on the MPS or MazdaSpeed once more.

Of course, we do not know when these faster models will be arriving but we do know that Mazda is looking to launching the new engines in 2017. If they start working on the MPS or MazdaSpeed engines then, we might only be able to see the MazdaSpeed models by 2020. That is also the same year that many fans believe the RX-9 would arrive so it should be a pretty exciting year if all these rumors end up being true.

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