Next-Gen BMW i8 Will Make Current Model Look Like A Softy

BMW is currently working on the BMW i8 facelift model which will be coming out next year but they are also working on the next gen BMW i8 model and from what some reports are claiming right now, the current BMW i8 is going to look like a softy when BMW brings out the next-gen BMW i8.

According to Automobile Magazine, BMW is currently working on the next-gen BMW i8 and that BMW plans to fit in three brushless electric motors powered by a bigger battery that will allow the BMW i8 to offer about 750hp when it arrives. We know the current model offer about 357p while the facelifted model will offer 420hp.

If this report is true, the upcoming next-gen BMW i8 will be offering about two times more ponies that the current model.

Of course, we won’t be seeing the powerful model anytime soon as it is predicted that the next gen model will only be arriving in 2022.

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