New Minecraft DLC For Xbox 360 & One Coming This Month

In less than a week from now, 4J Studio will be launching a new DLC for Minecraft on the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. The game developer took the courtesy to share that the DLC will be Christmas-themed.

Also, it is revealed that the Christmas DLC will come with a new mash-up pack that will introduce a winter wonderland that is inspired by the current holiday season. This also means that players will get to enjoy new Christmas textures.

In total, players will be getting 36 new avatar skins that include the Santa outfits and those of the elves. In addition to that, players can explore the blocky wonders of snows and Christmas trees to set up the mood for the holiday season.

4J Studios concluded by confirming that the DLC will be pushed out on Wednesday next week and players can start their Christmas celebration right after that. Unfortunately, the update is only for Minecraft on the Microsoft consoles. Those on the Sony Playstation will have to wait a while longer.


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