New Minecraft DLC For PS3 & PS4 Confirmed Through Compatibility Update

A small time update was launched by 4J Studio for Minecraft on the PS4 and PS3 came together with a confirmation that a DLC is on the way to the open-world sandbox game.

4J Studio revealed that the update will ensure that Minecraft on the gaming platforms from Sony will be compatible with the upcoming DLC that consists of Skyrim Mash-Up Pack and Steampunk Texture Pack.

Of course, the Mash-Up Pack will require players to download the Skyrim DLC that is available for just $5.99. With the DLC, players can create a vast map like that of Skyrim while also being able to role-play the characters from the RPG game.

As for the Steampunk Texture Pack, it is already out now and players can purchase it for just $1.54. With it, players can enjoy the design and styling from the Victoria era industrial revolution.

Both DLCs are already available for Minecraft on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Once it arrives on the PS4 and PS3, 4J Studio will definitely narrow down the gap between both versions of Minecraft.


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