New Characters For Kingdom Hearts 3

The D23 Expo Japan 2015 will be held by Disney next month from the 6th till the 8th and the “Kingdom Hearts” fan event will take place three days before that. It has been said that there may be news on rumoured characters and multiplayers revealed along with the event as well.

It has been reported that a rumoured multiplayer mode of the game has been leaked onto the internet after the Designer of Square Enix stated on his LinkedIn profile that he is the one responsible for the “Multiplayer Planning and Documentation” when it comes to Kingdom Hearts 3.

As well as that, it is believed that there will also be new characters in the game. During an interview with the director of the game, he does not give confirmation to the game having new characters, but he does not deny it either.

Designs & Trends have said that introducing new characters into the game does not have to say that there will be a multiplayer option. Not of this information is certain, so fingers crossed that the game’s developer will release an official statement in the near future.

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