New Apple iPad Pro Not A Successor But A Partner

With the Apple iPad Pro now being around for a year, some believe that Apple might be working on a new iPad Pro to replace the older model but that is not the case as the new Apple iPad Pro will be coming in to sit alongside the existing Apple iPad Pro.

We now have the 12.9inch Apple iPad Pro and the smaller 9.7inch Apple iPad Pro. The new Apple iPad Pro is said to be the 10.5inch model and will come in to sit in between the last two models.

According to Ming Chi Kua from KGI Securities, Apple will be releasing the new mid-size model next year. He also added that Apple might be moving away from the iPad Mini series and will focus their attention on the iPad Pro series.

He also predicted that Apple will also introduce an upgraded version of the 12.9inch and 9.7inch when they announce the 10.5inch model and that the new set of iPad Pro will all come with the new flexible AMOLED panel.

Steven Estevez

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