NBA 2K17 Keeps Hands In Players’ Pockets

The NBA games have always had a huge following and we are expecting to see the same kind of success for the new NBA 2K17 game. While fans have been coming back with some pretty positive reviews, there were also some features that the fans did not like as well.

One of the biggest turn off for the fans was the microtransactions for My Team and My Career. While most of us won’t mind a little microtransaction here and there, it can leave a bitter taste if the microtransaction will affect the gaming experience of the game and in the case of NBA 2K17, it does.

However, the fans did commend 2K for some of the improvements they made like the realistic action scene, quicker actions, fluid motions, as well as better defense.

The new NBA 2K17 will be available on the Xbox One and Playstation 4.


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