NBA 2K16: The Comeback Kid

We haven’t seen anything new for five years from the NBA Summer League but now this has changed as we hear that NBA 2K16 will be coming out 29 September. 2K Sports gave confirmation that the game is coming through a Tweet.

NBA 2K16 will feature the NBA Summer League when playing in MyCareer Mode and the gamer is able to chart the career of their favourite player from draft through to summer league and then onto the regular season.

The regular season of other games typically last for 48 minutes and 12 minutes per quarter, however in the NBA Summer League this is 40 minutes and 10 minutes for each quarter. This should make the game more up-temp and it will have a faster pace.

With the return of NBA 2K16 it is thought that the NBA D-League will be coming back. We have also heard that the game is going to offer one of the most extensive soundtracks of all games to date. There is going to be three producers for the soundtrack and these are DJ Mustard, DJ Premier and DJ Khaled. In total there will be more than 50 songs, 6 of which are said to be exclusives to the game. Music genres will include rock, hip hop and pop music along with 80s and 70s music and popular music from today.NBA 2K16 is also going to feature an international playlist along with 2K classics mixtapes which will have favourites of the fans of other versions of the games.

2K Sports are offering pre-orders of the game for those with the Xbox One and anyone who pre-orders will play the game four days before the official release date, which is set for 29 September. Gamers will also receive VC to the tune of 35,000 and 10,000 VC along with MyTeam VIP which will come with three Emerald Packs and the guarantee of an Emerald Player.

It has been said that NBA 2K16 is going to have the latest in technology and this will make the game as true to life as possible. The movements of the players will be as real as possible thanks to motion capture technology being an important part of many real life sports, basketball included.


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