NBA 2K15 PC Update: Bug Fixes & More

NBA 2K15 has been released and like its predecessor, the game arrived with so many glitches and bugs. On the bright side of things, the faults in NBA 2K15 is not as bad as NBA 2k14. Henceforth today, 2k has launched a third patch to fix the issues.

The small-time fix was released on the Xbox One and PS4 last week and now, it has finally arrived to the PC. The update came out with the sole purpose of fixing the issues that involves the bugs in MY GM, My League, My Career and some other game modes.

NBA 2K15 has also got its gameplay drastically improved on as the update makes the referee more efficient than ever. The latter now calls for shooting fouls, which was an absent decision previously.

Other fixes that are included with the update are as follow:

• Fixed the ability to throw long touchdown passes by alley-ooping to the receiver from the backcourt.
• Force receivers to play standing catches on check-ball passes.
• Fixed an issue where a user’s pass release type request was being overridden during fast breaks.
• Fixed several cases of rebounding goaltends being called too frequently.
• Improvements to passing and catching into the post.
• Made passers more aware of defenders behind them when selecting pass animations.


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