NBA 2K15: New Locker Codes & Cheats Pop Up On Web

It is more rewards for NBA 2K15 players at the start of 2015 after new Locker Codes have surfaced to treat them with tons of new VC Points. The codes have surfaced on the internet earlier today and they can be applied on NBA 2K15 across all platforms.

Well, we have more good news for NBA 2K15 players as we have got the codes right here with us. The Locker Codes might sound sweet but they are no different than cheating. As such, players with integrity should not read on and check out our other articles instead.

If you still wish to proceed, then here are the codes, along with their rewards:

• PINKDIAMONDSHAQ or 3G9S8-Q42VT-JWM6D-CJZSH-N87AN – Unlocks Shaquille O’Neil
• IUIGW-SDEIK-QFB9N-SHFGK – Rewards 10,000 VC Points
• IUIGW-SDEIK-QFB9N-SHFGK-Z58BT – Rewards 10,000 VC Points


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