NBA 2K15: New Locker Codes Are Equally Rewarding

Back in NBA 2K14, the game failed to impress as it was plagued by tons of bugs, server crashes and glitches. Now that 2K has launched NBA 2K15, basketball fans can already start enjoying the ultimate basketball video game experience in history.

Of course, things are super exciting for NBA 2K 15 as the game developer is consistently giving away new Locker Codes to the players in the game. The Locker Codes can be redeemed for hidden prizes, rewards and more importantly VC Points.

Well, gamers don’t have to look anywhere else as we have got the latest set of Locker Codes with us right here. They can be applied in NBA 2K15 across all platforms and are as follow:

• IWATCHEDNBA2KTV- Rewards 1000 VC Points
• MYSTERY – Unlocks mysterious item
• PARKSWAG – Rewards 500 VC Points
• HEYGUYS – Unlocks random item
• PAYRESPECT – Unlocks ABA Ball


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