NBA 2K15 Mobile Version Launched With Rewards

NBA 2K15 has been released across all gaming platforms and it is undoubtedly the best basketball video game to date. Now, the gaming experience has been enhanced for NBA 2k15 after 2K launched the game’s app on the iOS and Android.

With it, players can remotely manage their career when they are outside. In addition to that, the NBA 2K15 app arrived with the Locker Code function. Heck, 2K even went out to share some new Locker Codes to celebrate the app’s launching.

So if you’re an NBA 2K15 player, wait no further and start installing the game’s mobile app now. Once done, you can key in “PINKARISTOTLE” to unlock Shaquille O’Neal and “2KCYBERMONDAY” to earn 10,000 VC Points for free. It is unsure on how long the Locker Code will work so it is best not to procrastinate this opportunity.

The NBA 2K15 app is free of charge and it will be paired to your NBA 2K15 account on the console. Every Locker Code used on the mobile application will be automatically applied to the game.


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