NBA 2K15 Mobile Version: Free Locker Codes Anyone?

Just recently, we talked about how NBA 2K15 players on the Xbox One and PS4 can still enjoy free VC Points through the use of cheats. Today, we are going to touch on something similar but it will be for the NBA 2K15 Mobile instead.

The app is now available for the iOS and Android devices is actually nothing more than a tool that allows players on the consoles to earn extra VC Points. Furthermore, gamers can even use locker codes on it. For example, keying in “PINKARISTOTLE” will unlock Shaquille O’Neal.

Also, in light of Cyber Monday, gamers can key in “2KCYBERMONDAY” and get rewarded with 10,000 VC Points. Of course, each game can only redeem the VC Points once and use them to purchase on upgrades and unlocks in NBA 2K15.