NBA 2K15: Locker Codes Is Not Always Cheating

Every game comes with its own set of cheats and NBA 2K15 is no different. While not exactly known as cheating, the game’s Locker Codes feature actually gives players an unfair advantage when taking on challenges.

Of course, not all Locker Codes are seductive and evil as they also offer great rewards and unlocks to the players. By cheating, we are actually referring to the free VC Points that are doing the rounds on the internet.

The VC Points can be applied in NBA 2K15 and it will make things a whole lot easier in the game’s career mode. After all, VC Points are the in game currency that can be spent on bonus stats and more.

Today, we will be sharing the latest set of Locker Codes and for those that are against cheating, it is best not to apply the ones that grant players VC Points.

1. PARKSWAG – Gives You 500 VC Points
2. IWATCHEDNBA2KTV – Gives You 1000 VC Points
3. HEYGUYS – Rewards Random Item
4. MYSTERY – Rewards Mysterious Title
5. PAYRESPECT – Unlocks The Legendary ABA Ball