NBA 2K15: 1500 VC Points Up For Grabs

There is simply no denying the fact that NBA 2K15 is the best basketball video game in history. The title was released back in November last year and it offers players a complete basketball experience on spectacular graphics.

Also, things are a lot more challenging on NBA 2K15 as 2K looks to make the franchise more realistic than ever. In contrast to that, many new gamers are actually struggling in NBA 2K15.

Today, we have discovered a way to get around the difficulties in the game and it is through applying the new Locker Codes as stated below. The codes can be keyed in the game to reward players with unlocks and more importantly, VC Points.

Of course, this might sound like cheating and if players are against it, then it is best to not read any further. Otherwise the Locker Codes are as follow:

1. PARKSWAG – Rewards 500 VC Points
2. IWATCHEDNBA2KTV – Rewards 1000 VC Points
3. HEYGUYS – Rewards Random Item
4. MYSTERY – Rewards Mystery Item
5. PAYRESPECT – Unlocks ABA Ball


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