NBA 2K14 Free VC Codes Roll Out, Playstation & Xbox Users Fight!

The most recent NBS 2K14 has been rather disappointing for its fans and players. The game didn’t meet people’s high expectations due to there being a number of issue with the game and problems with the server crashing.

To try and make up for it, 2K have been giving PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One players free VC points. The VC points came in code form and we have recorded them especially for you. If you are a player of NBA 2K14 then you can get your hands on the codes here.

You will be rewarded with 2000 VC codes when you apply the codes. They will expire if you don’t retrieve them within 3-200 days. The VC points can be spent to unlock new features, skins, modes and much more and work the same way as the game’s monetary system.

To get your hands on the codes you will need to navigate to the game’s main menu. When you are there you will need to click onto the codes and then enter the codes carefully. Afterwards press enter and you should see 2000 VC points being added to your profile.

These points will no doubt help a little with the gamers’ disappointment. Fingers crossed that 2K solve the game’s problems quickly or people will show their anger once more.

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