Mr Robot Games Teased By TellTale?

Telltale has worked with TV series to come out with new games and their new tweet seems to hint that their next games could be for the popular new TV Series Mr. Robot.

While they did not officially announce a game, they did release a new video promoting a new messaging app from E Corp called the ecorpmessaging. The app will only be arriving later this month so we still do not know what it is all about.

It could really just be a messaging app but since this is Telltale, we are going to say that it might be some sort of mobile game. The question now is what kind of mobile game are we talking about.

There were also hint that Night School might also play a role in this new app. It looks like we have a lot of the pieces but none of them seems to be fitting together right now. Hopefully, more will be revealed this month.

Steven Estevez

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