Motorola Moto Z New Camera Module: Is It Worth It?

There have long been rumors about Motorola working on a new camera module with Hasselblad and now, Motorola has finally taken the covers off the module.

The new module called the True Zoom model will come with a Xenon Flash and will also come with a 10x optical zoom. If you really want to push it, you can apply the digital zoom as well. The module will also come with a physical shutter button which will also work as a manual focus with you press it halfway. Users can also control the zoom with a knob on the module.

The module will turn on whenever you open up the camera and will close once you exit the camera app. So how much will this new module cost you? Well, seeing as it is a Hasselblad, we are not expecting it to be cheap.

The new Hasselblad True Zoom will retail for $299 or $249.99 if you get it from Verizon. The module will be released on the 8th of September.

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