Motorola Moto Smartphone: Fingerprint Scanner Is Overrated?

It was just revealed that Lenovo is planning to release a new Moto smartphone that they ar saying will be more attractive and more innovative but the question now is how innovative.

Motorola has had some success in the past thanks to their designs and a few innovative features. There were reported that the new device could be the new flagship for Motorola which could also mean that we might be seeing a fingerprint sensor coming with the new device.

They did tease that they might be offering a fingerprint sensor. While it will be nice to have a fingerprint sensor, some smartphone users are saying that the sensor is just overrated and that most of the time, the sensor is not being used.

While we agree that the fingerprint sensor is not for everybody, we think that it has its uses. It offers us a better and safer way to pay and it keeps our smartphone safe.

Do you think the fingerprint sensor is overrated?

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