Motorola Moto 360 Price Hits Rock Bottom!

If you are planning to purchase a smartwatch, then you should consider getting the latest Moto 360. Back when the device first made its debut, it retails at around $270. Now, the Moto 360 can be owned from just $165.

Motorola slashed the price of the Moto 360 earlier this morning and the $165 can be enjoyed if consumers are to purchase the wearable at Google Play Store. Elsewhere, the Moto 360 has an average pricing of $179.

The price dip is really surprising since the Moto 360 is considered to be very new and age less than a year old. While Motorola has yet to reveal their intentions, it is somewhat obvious that the tech firm is trying to achieve as many sales as possible before the Apple Watch makes it big.

The Moto 360 is regarded by many as the most beautiful smartwatch yet and there is no better time to purchase the tech accessory than now.

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