Motorola DROID 5: Android Slider Phone In Hot Demand

If there is one device that many consumers would love to see, it is the Motorola DROID 5. The smartphone is expected to come with a physical keyboard slider, which is thought to be extinct by today.

It has been some years since Motorola released the DROID 4 and perhaps, the company should start working on the DROID 5 already. The highly anticipated smartphone has missed many rumoured release date already and the fans are truly hurt by it.

Just when all hopes seems lost, a new rumour has surfaced which suggests that the DROID 5 will be unveiled next year, during MWC or CTIA. If this is true, then fans are hoping for it to be perfectly-sized like the DROID 2. The previous DROID 3 and 4 has been too big for their liking.

Then again, this is just another rumour and it might not materialize at all. As such, we highly recommend fans to take it with a pinch of salt. Let’s just hope that Motorola will announce a thing or two on the DROID 5.

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