Moto Z Mod Put LG To Shame

LG was the first to introduce the whole modular design smartphone but it is clear that Lenovo has a better idea of how it should all work.

A lot of people were excited when LG first announced the modular design for the LG G5 but the fact that we had to turn off the device to switch mods were just too impractical.

With the Moto Z mods, users can just click it on and can immediately start using it soon after. Not only that but it is clear that they have actually thought about the kind of mods that their customers will need. The last mod was the Hasselblad True Zoom mods and based on some fo the images take with the mods, we think that it might actually be worth getting if you are really into taking pictures with your smartphone

It comes with an impressive 10x optical zoom and it is a great upgrade if you are looking to take photos from a distance.

Steven Estevez

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