Moto X: Price Tag Plunged To $360!

The arrival of 2015 also saw many new great deals getting released and among them is the one that sees the first generation Moto X going off for just $360. This means that consumers will get to save about $140 from the original price of this old great flagship device.

The deal is being put up at MCyberMonday-US and it is believed to be the leftover stocks from last year’s Cyber Monday deals. To enjoy the discount, consumers will have to sign up at the website before registering their interest.

The consumers will then be prompted to finalize their purchase and proceed with payments. The Moto X will then be delivered to the buyer via shipping that is only limited to here in the US.

At the moment, this is the best deal for a new smartphone around. The Moto X is already unlocked and many are already purchasing it as it is still powerful enough to handle most of today’s task. Besides, not everyone can afford the second-gen Moto X.

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