Moto X On A Steal In Light Of Cyber Monday

The previous Cyber Monday which occurred last month saw many Motorola fans jumping in joy as the unlocked first generation Moto X went on sale that saw $140 slashed off the price of the device.

The deal was put up by MCyberMonday and it fans were quick to register a free account just to claim the coupon code. Also, fans were also treated to tons of accessories that can be purchased with the Moto X with 30% discount.

In short, the Moto X retails at $360 and it is definitely a steal after considering that the smartphone is classified as a premium device. The Moto X deal lasted for 24 hours only and most that have bought the device are satisfied with their purchase.

All in all, the Motorola Moto X deal is undoubtedly the best promotion that has occurred during Cyber Monday. Those that have missed out on the deal surely can’t wait for next year’s Cyber Monday.