Monument Valley Android App Illegal Download Rate High

Monument Valley is one of the most popular mobile gaming applications in the world and it is available on both the iOS’ App Store and the Android’s Play Store. The puzzle title is developed by USTwoGames and the creator shared an interesting statistics earlier today on their Twitter page.

Simply put, USTwoGames teased on a fun fact which claims that only 5% of Monument Valley installs on the Android platform are paid for. As for iOS platform, 40% of the players paid for Monument Valley. Clearly, the difference is huge.

Of course, it is unsure if the Tweet came out with a sarcastic tone to it but if the figures are spot on, then there is clearly a problem with piracy on the Android platform. Then again, many honest Monument Valley players on the Android OS voiced out that they got the game for free through legitimate means like Amazon.

This has led USTwoGames to launch other Tweet hours ago and it then suggests that the 95% piracy rate for the Android platform isn’t affected by the Amazon deals.

For market analysts and researchers, they find the Tweets contradicting to each other. It simply implies that USTwoGames have got a messy set of data on their hands and has failed to interpret it correctly.

Judging by the sound of it, the game developer is accumulating the number of accounts created, together with the number of times the app got installed. As such, USTwoGames disregards the possibility of players that has a single account but with multiple devices.

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