Mobile Gaming: Battery & Heating Holding Us Back

A lot of people speculated that mobiles games will be the way of the future and that everybody will be playing AAA games on their device soon but we all know that that has not happened yet. In fact, it feels like the mobile game industry has become p[retty stagnant. So what is the problem here?

Well, one of the main problems is battery life. Those that played the Pokemon Go app will know how much battery life the app drains in hours. Smartphone users are already having so much difficulties trying to make their device last a whole day so playing games are out of the question for many.

Others also reported that the device tends to overheat when they are playing games and because of that, most people just decide not the play games on their smartphone.

It is either those or people just prefer to play games on their PC and Console more than their phone. What do you think?

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