Minecraft Xbox 360 TU18 Prepares For New Year

Minecraft players on the Xbox 360 will soon be getting the TU18 update. This is already confirmed by 4J Studio and the game developer also shared a screenshot of the DLC in effect.

The screenshot basically shows the world of Minecraft with the sky being lighted up by fireworks. 4J Studio further revealed that TU18 will enable players to create their own fireworks through utilizing gunpowder.

It is indicated that the amount of gunpowder used will determine the height and size of the explosion. In addition to that, players can also mix gunpowder with other elements like a golden nugget. If the latter is applied, players will get to enjoy a star-shaped firework.

Then again, 4J Studio failed to share on when TU18 will be released. With the New Year being a fortnight away from now, Xbox 360 Minecraft players can look forward to receiving the update in the coming days.

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