Minecraft Xbox 360 TU18 Is A Blast!

4J Studio became the subject of a buzz earlier today when they launched TU18 to Minecraft on the Xbox 360. The highly anticipated update arrived to the relief of many gamers after a lengthy period of silence from the game developer.

TU18 added in many new contents into the game and the one that received the most attention is the all-new fireworks feature. Like how it was shown in a teaser screenshot last week, players can now develop their own fireworks with the aid of gunpowder.

4J Studio also tipped the players by revealing that the size and height of the fireworks are determined by the amount of gunpowder used. Also, combining the gunpowder with special items like golden nugget will result shape the fireworks. For the latter, it will result in a star-shaped explosion.

It is understood that the fireworks feature was in the plans since last month, in light of the 2015 New Year that is less than 2 weeks away from now. With the feature being added to Minecraft on the Xbox 360, players can prepare to illuminate the sky when the countdown strikes zero.

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