Minecraft Xbox 360 TU18 Illuminates Sky With Fireworks

4J Studio has finally launched a massive update to Minecraft for the Xbox 360. Better known as TU18, the update added tons of new contents into the game. Among them is the fireworks feature and it became one of the most popular element in the world of Minecraft.

Prior to the update, 4J Studio explained that the fireworks will allow players to celebrate the 2015 New Year in the open world sandbox title. Also, the game developer nurtured the players by revealing that they can produce fireworks by harvesting gunpowder.

In detail, the amount of gunpowder used will determine the height and size of the firework. Also, mixing it with special items like a golden nugget will result in a star shaped firework.

Well, the players did listen to 4J Studio which results in a super bright sky at Minecraft on the first second of 2015. Even today, there are still many players showing off their fireworks in the game. There is simply no doubting the fact that fireworks is the best feature in Minecraft at this moment.

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