Minecraft Xbox 360 TU18 Fireworks Gets All The Attention

Minecraft players on the Xbox 360 are the happiest bunch of gamers right now as they have just received TU18. The highly anticipated update was released by 4J Studio yesterday and it brought along many new contents for the players to indulge on.

Among them is the fireworks feature, which is added so that players can light up the sky during the 2015 New Year’s countdown. 4J Studio was pleased to announce that players can now develop their own fireworks by using gunpowder.

The game developer added that the amount of gunpowder used determines the height and size of the fireworks. Furthermore, the gunpowder can be mixed with special items like golden nugget to give the fireworks some shape. Of course, using the latter will result in a star-shaped blast.

With that being said, Xbox 360 Minecraft players should start getting familiar with the fireworks feature fast. After all, New Year’s Eve is just days away from now and it will be a platform for players to show off their fireworks in the world of Minecraft.


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