Minecraft Xbox 360 TU18: Baby You’re A Fireworks

The holiday mood has struck 4J Studios, prior to the release of TU18 for Minecraft on the Xbox 360. The highly anticipated update will be coming with plenty of new contents and earlier today, the game developer teased on one of the many features that are on its way to the game.

4J Studios shared a screenshot of TU18 and it shows the Minecraft world featuring a colourful sky. In detail, the sky in the game is populated with fireworks. The game developer then confirmed that TU18 will see the addition of fireworks.

In addition to that, 4J Studios explained that the fireworks can be created by using gunpowder and another special element. For example, a gun powder mixed with a gold nugget will see a star shaped fireworks. Also, the quantity of the gun powder will also determine on how high and big the fireworks are going to be.

With that being said, players can look forward to TU18 in a matter of weeks from now. After all, 4J Studios is hinting on a big happening in Minecraft on New Year’s Day.


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