Minecraft Xbox 360 & One Update Detailed!

If you are a Minecraft player on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, then you should know that the game is now receiving an update that will take the firmware to version 1.6.4. The update was pushed out earlier today and it was pre-announced on 4J Studio’s Twitter account.

The game developer revealed that the update ds in a Tutorial World which will educate the new and old players on the new features that comes with the update. Once every player is familiar with the new mechanism, 4J Studio suggests them to take on the challenges like finding all the Music Discs.

Aside from that, the update also added in horses in the world of Minecraft for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. With horses, players can hasten their travel times. In addition to that, horses can be bred and also brought into battles by the players.

Finally are the new enemies in the game. Update 1.6.4 saw the addition of new mobs that includes wither and wither skeletons, some witches, some bats, donkeys and also mules.

Of course, the update works perfectly with the massive content added back in an update that was rolled out last week on December 18. With so many new things in Minecraft for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, it will surely keep players occupied for a long while.


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