Minecraft: Windows 10 Beta, PS4 & Xbox One Updates

There are a lot of fans of Minecraft and they were recently treated to a look at some of the new features coming to the game. At the same time the Windows 10 version of the game is coming our way, in beta form, for the time being and it is going to have a new story mode.

Mojang recently told fans that Minecraft Windows 10 Edition beta is going to come out at the same time as Windows 10, this is on 29 July. Gamers who already own the Minecraft game for the PC will be able to download the beta version free of charge, otherwise it will cost $10.

The Minecraft Windows 10 Beta will be arriving with numerous features from the Pocket edition of the game. This includes the option to be able to explore online with friends, craft and create things.

In the future gamers playing Minecraft Windows 10 Beta will be able to dual wield, for instance they will be able to pick up and use a pickaxe while holding a torch. Gamers will also be able to make enchanted arrows, this is going to be balanced said Mojang.

The story mode of the game is said to be about protagonists and a pig, with the hero being Jesse. The story mode will be coming later on this year and be in the style of a point and click game.

The game is said to feature Jesse and friends who follow the Order of the Stone and who have killed the Ender Dragon. Jesse finds that terror is let loose in the world and they set out to find the Order to kill the new menace.

So are you getting excited about the Minecraft Windows 10 Beta edition that’s coming our way?

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