Minecraft PS3 Update: Where Art Thou?

Things have been relatively quiet over at the world of Minecraft on the PS3. The players are growing tired of repeating the same contents and are desperate for 4J Studio to roll out an update. Well, their cries are heard and soon, an update will be coming on Minecraft for the PS3.

This upcoming update will not only add in content but also, bring in some fixes to the various bugs and glitches in the game. In detail, the 1.08 update will be adding in horses. This mild creature can act as a transport for players to travel quickly. Furthermore, horses can wear body armours, thus making them capable to step into battle with the players.

The other major content coming to Minecraft PS3 is the mob. 4J Studio has confirmed that the Wither boss, passive bats and hostile witches will all be added in the 1.08 update.

Aside from that, 4J Studio is also introducing fireworks in Minecraft PS3. This particular feature was just added to the Xbox 360 last week and now, it is on its way to the PS3. The fireworks can be developed by gunpowder and it will be perfect for players to celebrate the arrival of 2015 in the open-world sandbox game.

On the downside of things, 4J Studio has yet to share on when the 1.08 will be arriving. The game developer did mention that the update will be rolled out in parts. The first part is going to add in fireworks and is due to arrive by next week. As for the other parts, they will be pushed out within the following year.