Minecraft PS3 and PS4 Update Brings Compatibility To New DLCs

Owners of the PS3 and PS4 who play Minecraft have received an update than ensures that the game is compatible with the DLCs that have only just launched. 4J Studios launched it today and when the update has been applied to the game it brings them the Steampunk Texture pack along with Skyrim Mash-up Pack.

The Skyrim Mash-up pack for Minecraft PS3 and PS4 adds on the Skyrim map to the game and it also means that players can make their own maps based on Skyrim and play as the characters from the game. The DLC is $5.99.

The Steampunk Texture Pack adds on designs inspired from the Victorian region and it costs $1.54.

Both of the DLCs provide gamers playing Minecraft on the PS3 and PS4 with a lot of fun and the update can be added on simply by playing the game when connected to the internet.


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