Minecraft 1.9 Update New Fighting Moves Revealed

Fans of the Minecraft games are waiting for the Minecraft Update 1.9 to make its way out as it was 8 months since the last big update arrived. Now we are finally hearing about what we can expect from the update.

We know that members of the development team of Minecraft have given confirmation about plans on overhauling the game ending Ender Dragon encounter. The Ender Dragon was supposed to be the final boss of the game, however it isn’t all that hard to take down and gamers have complained about there not being much reason to do so. So perhaps gamers will get an opponent that is more formidable after the Minecraft Update 1.9.

A new dimension is also going to be added in and gamers will be able to get to it through the new End gateway. This is at least going to give some sense of making progress when defeating the Ender Dragon. Gamers can expect new blocks, food source, new mobs and other changes. Gamers did get a quick look at the new zone, however they left exploration to those who download the Minecraft Update 1.9.

The Minecraft Update 1.9 is going to bring with it some new items and these will include spell effects along with enchanted arrows that will contain poison.

Are you waiting for the arrival of the Minecraft Update 1.9?

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