Minecraft 1.8 Update: Go Get Your Speedos!

Mojang has just announced an experimental build of the Minecraft 1.8 update, which comes after we found out about content in the first snapshot. Snapshot 14w25a was released and it is said that this will make up for the wait people had over the last two weeks.

The latest preview came out with the pre-release download of Minecraft 1.7.10, and this arrived with surprises for people that had hoped to see underwater content.

Fans of the game who wanted more survival orientated content will not be happy about the fact that there are some surprises in water in the game. For instance there is a new dungeon underwater and this spawns in random places in Minecraft worlds whether they are new or old. It also comes with blocks, prismarine, sponges and sea lanterns that can be used.

The update is going to bring with it an underwater mob and the enemy does look like something that has come from a nightmare.

Check out the change-log below.

• A little surprise
• – Probably: Written books now use json text components
• — Screenshot
• – Probably: No Spread Dirt
• — Now called “Coarse Dirt”
• — Changed texture – Screenshots
• — Now drops itself when mined
• — Can be crafted using gravel and dirt – Screenshot
• – Probably: Signs
• — Now use json text components
• — Screenshot
• — [M] Making it work in survival
• — Great resource for JSON formatting
• — Line length limit now depends on character width instead of text length – Screenshot
• – Probably: Stone bricks can now be smelted to receive cracked stone bricks – Screenshot
• – Item rendering changes
• — All items are models, some are still generated from item icons
• — Resource packs can make models for all items
• – Underwater mob
• — Not a barracuda, not a shark
• — Nasty
• — Has a ranged attack and kills squid and players
• — Teasers: reddit/Instagram – Images
• — With sounds by C418
• — Screenshot
• – Probably: Underwater dungeons
• — Screenshot
• — Generate in old worlds
• – Sponges
• — New behavior: Animation
• — Screenshot
• — Removes touching water source blocks in an 6 block radius
• — Becomes saturated after soaking up water and soak up no more water
• — Is darker when saturated
• – Probably: Prismarine
• — Screenshot
• — One of the textures
• — Multiple variants
• — Only appears under water
• – Probably: Sea Lantern
• — Screenshot
• — Animated texture
• — Light-emitting
• — Only appears under water
• – Probably: Each world (main, nether, end) will now run on its own thread
• — Purpose: Improving performance, not slowing down other worlds when one world is particularly busy
• — First tests indicate massive performance increase when ticking worlds
• – Model format improvements
• — Removed the directional attribute from the uv definition and replaced it with explicit texture references
• — Textures can now be specified
• — Converted the remaining static blocks to the model format
• — Now instead of supplying a “textureFacing” parameter, you simply specify a “texture” parameter, which can be either direct or hierarchical – if so, it is prepended with the hash symbol (#), otherwise it’s just the texture name
• — “useAmbientOcclusion” renamed to “ambientocclusion”
• — “textureFacing” deprecated
• — “cull” renamed to “cullface”, specifies the opposite of which neighboring face causes culling to occur – Example: if you have an east-facing face but want it to be culled along a different axis (let’s say Z), you would specify “cullface”: “north” or “cullface”: “south”.
• — Rotation made more verbose, it is now more clear that it can only occur on a single axis – Example, the rotation for one of the two faces of the “cross” model is now: “rotation”: { “origin”: [ 8, 8, 8 ], “axis”: “y”, “angle”: 45, “rescale”: true },
• — New flag, “rescale”, added to the rotation parameters – when true, face will be scaled across the whole block
• — “UV lock” to preserve uv details through rotation
• — Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
• — More details
• – Fixed some bugs
• — Fixed random block ticks affecting redstone devices
• — Fixed zombie sieges not occurring
• — Fixed custom player skulls showing as the default skin’s head on mobs and players
• — Fixed /clone in move mode dropping containers’ contents and sometimes not moving them
And here’s the change log for Minecraft snapshot 14w25b:
• – Wet sponges, when smelted, will fill empty buckets in the ‘fuel’ slot with water if possible
o — Animation
• – Fixed some bugs
o — Fixed liquid textures being all wrong
o — Fixed tall grass always being centered
o — Fixed thrown potions missing their texture
o — Fixed the breaking animation being messed up
o — Fixed entities on fire not displaying their fire texture correctly
o — Fixed blocks that can be placed in several directions not being placed correctly
o — Fixed a crash when placing logs
o — Fixed blocks held by endermen missing their texture
o — Fixed chickens constantly flapping their wings
o — Fixed repeaters not rendering their delay length correctly
o — Fixed beds not dropping when broken
o — Fixed the dragon egg item rendering incorrectly
o — Fixed trapdoors breaking other trapdoors and duplicating when triggered by redstone
o — Fixed acacia and dark oak wood logs being dropped as oak wood with missing texture
o — Fixed furnaces changing orientation when smelting
o — Fixed the barrier block not displaying its particles
o — Fixed comparators appear as powered when put into subtraction mode
o — Fixed renamed items not showing their name tags in item frames
o — Fixed the elder guardian applying mining fatigue to spectators
o — Fixed splash potions of harming used to kill the guardian crashing the game
o — Fixed items in item frames facing the wrong way
o — Fixed there being a black line at the horizon when using shaders
o — Fixed the block models for grass and logs being displayed as “IDUNNOMYNAME:*C”
o — Fixed the map texture missing
o — Fixed jungle leaves having oak leaves texture
o — Fixed the leaves texture on fast graphics being
o — Fixed blocks moved by pistons not rendering correctly
o — Fixed items dropped on the floor floating too high
o — Fixed chiselled quartz, when placed, turning into regular quartz
o — Fixed the superflat world customization menu visually replacing the water block ID with the air block ID
o — Fixed placing ladders crashing the game
o — Fixed the default world generator crashing
o — Fixed stacked items with the enchant glint rendering incorrectly
o — Fixed the player list not displaying scoreboard data
o — Fixed magma cubes rendering wrong
o — Fixed blocks being held wrong
o — Fixed mipmapping not working while in inventory
o — Fixed the icon for powered rails being on


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