Microsoft’s Window Phone Finally Gives Up

While most people seems to be avoiding the Windows-powered device, there were more than a few brave souls that did actually tried out the Microsoft Lumia devices and while some of them swear that the switch was the best thing that they could have done, others does not seem to feel the same about Microsoft and their Windows OS.

Some Windows Phone users went one Reddit to talk about why they ended up giving up on the Microsoft. One Lumia 925 user said that while he was pretty happy with the hardware, the lack of apps was a real issue for him. Not only is some of the apps missing but basic apps like Facebook and Messenger are often times so buggy that he gets frustrated with them. Apps like Instagram was stuck at beta for such a long time.

Another user commented that he got the Lumia 640 smartphone and felt like it was a reliable device mainly because it could last for 2 days before he had to charge it again. He also added that he is still using it right now but he also has an Android smartphone as a backup smartphone because he does not want to feel left out.

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